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Yoga with Emma

Emma welcomes you to her weekly yoga class with yoga nidra. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that can be adapted to every level of age and ability. You don’t need any prior experience of yoga to attend the class and we guarantee that it will make you feel amazing. In addition, Emma teaches the profoundly deep practice of yoga nidra at the end of every class. Yoga nidra is a life-changing relaxation practice that has enabled people to relax more deeply than they ever thought possible and help them sleep better at night.

Emma’s class starts with a period of relaxation, to enable you to let the cares of the day slip away. You then practice breathing exercises designed to help you breathe more fully and easily and strengthen the diaphragm. The class then follows a series of yoga poses that take you through every part of the body, followed by a calming breathing exercise and then lying down for yoga nidra relaxation.

Emma is passionate about the restorative power of yoga and believes that everyone can derive benefits from a class. Her classes are geared towards you as an individual, and if you want to come along, lie down on the mat and fall asleep for an hour and a half (it has happened!) then that is great too – it’s obviously what you needed! If on the other hand you are very experienced in yoga then we can certainly challenge you if that is what you would like.

Class details:

When – Monday evenings 7:30-9:00pm

Where – Green Room Studio, Victoria Hall, Radstock, BA3 3QG

What to bring – a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. You may also want to bring a foam block to sit on or extra pillows for the yoga nidra relaxation. A yoga mat is provided free for your first class and you can also buy them from Emma for £15

What to wear – Loose, comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt and jogging bottoms

Who is the class suitable for? – EVERYONE! All abilities are welcomed and everything can be adapted to your level.

How much – If you’ve never taken a yoga class before with Emma then your first class is half price! (£6). Drop in price £12, Four class pass £40 (save £8, must be taken within 5 weeks), Eight class pass £72 (save £24, must be taken within 10 weeks)

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