Victoria Hall, Church Street, Radstock, BA3 3QG  01761 438885 (option 4)

Coffee Bar

The Victoria Hall Coffee Bar is simply the best place to relax with a cup of the finest coffee.

coffee-206142 2Coffee

A good coffee bar experience starts with a good espresso. We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest fair-
trade, organic, arabica beans and grinding them on site to produce that strong, yet smooth and creamy flavour. All of this results in the perfect coffee, no matter how you take it.


Black TeaTeas

At the Victoria Hall Coffee Bar, we know how that making a good cup of tea requires skill and thought. That’s why we serve a special blend of fair-trade teas from the tea gardens of India and Sri Lanka, blended with teas from Uganda and Assam to provide a bright, full flavoured tea which can be enjoyed by all.



When the sun is out, sometimes you need something truly refreshing. For this, we recommend our handmade smoothies, unique to the Victoria Hall Coffee Bar. We blend real mango and raspberries to form a glass of ice-cold deliciousness!

"It's so nice to have a local coffee bar where we can sit and have our business meetings. The coffee is great and really helps our productivity!" - Steve, Radstock.